Resources Law Network is network of practicing lawyers, barristers and academics who share a passion for resources law.

Our shared values are:

We provide accurate, practical and timely legal advice to enable clients to make their own decisions.

We recognise that the development and use of resources (minerals, petroleum, renewables) is a vitally important activity for any society.

We acknowledge that resources activities are of interest to many stakeholders including land-owners, companies, communities, governments, and civil society groups.

We believe that good regulation maximises the benefits and minimises the negative impacts of resource extraction, and recognise the rule of law in achieving that balance.

We support greater education and awareness-raising, in all stakeholder-groups, about the broader impacts and benefits in resources-use and the role of law.

Services provided by Resources Network Lawyers include advisory work, dispute resolution, representation in courts and tribunals, commercial negotiations, agreement-making and drafting, stake-holder analysis and risk management, training and education services, academic teaching and supervision, law-reform, policy development and advocacy. We work across all mineral groups, gas and petroleum, and in the renewables space.

Each lawyer in Resources Law Network undertakes work individually and may be contacted here: