Governance in corporations, non-profit organisations and benefit-receiving institutions, is of increasing interest to stakeholders and regulators particularly in the resources sphere. The many reporting and disclosure requirements of businesses and non-profit organisations, including Indigenous corporations, seek to encourage functional operations through government regulation. Organisational compliance with environmental and other legislative arrangements can impact directors’ liabilities.

The resources sector is a complex and difficult area of regulation for government agencies. The economic, social and environmental stakes are high, and the engineering and technical requirements of resources projects require specialised knowledge. There is growing emphasis on corporate supply chains, with contractual and regulatory controls being used in response to problems associated with corruption, conflict minerals and labour standards.

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WA & Commonwealth resources policies

Three publications were issued in 2018 about the regulation and future of the extractives sectorThese were issued by the Western Australian and Commonwealth Governments. This presentation summarised the contents of these documents and examines some implications. These...

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