Minerals, construction material and energy sources have enabled the development of all modern societies. From stone building to energy production – and all the tools and equipment needed for human activity – mining provides the basics for modern economies and development. Parties’ rights and responsibilities in relation to exploration and mining are effected through laws and regulations and through contracts between parties for major developments.

Members of the Resources Law Network have expertise in mining, energy and petroleum matters with particular areas of experience including: infrastructure agreements, contractual disputes, administrative law and decision-making, land access, law-reform and regulation, environmental protection and management, farm-in arrangements, occupational health and safety, and resources-law training and teaching.

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Principles for Durable Extractive Contracts

Note summarising ‘Guiding Principles for Durable Extractive Contracts’ which were endorsed by the OECD Development Centre in February 2020 In February 2020 the OECD endorsed a framework, aimed at governments and investors, for the content and negotiation of...

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Tortious Liability for Subsidiaries

This paper summarises two cases, currently underway, concerning parent company tortious liability for subsidiaries. In the United Kingdom, Zambian villagers are suing Vedanta Resources plc and in Canada, Eritrean citizens are suing Nevsun Resources Ltd. The paper...

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Regulation of the resources sector

Members of Resources Law Network provided a submission to the Productivity Commission inquiry into Resources Sector Regulation. The submission identified issues regarding best-practice arrangements and urged a broadening scope of study. The full Resources Law Network...

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